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Walkers Company Tukimet Oy Wheellator Rollator Walker Manufacturer.

Walkers Company Tukimet Oy is one of the largest Finnish companies in the production of medical aids and mobility aids. Under the brand names Tyke® and WHEELLATOR®. The Finnish market leader produces and distributes innovative products. At competitive prices with the quality feature “MADE IN FINLAND”.

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Our team

The Tukimet Oy team consists of experienced experts who bring along both tradition and innovation.

Hiljanen is managing director and owner of Tukimet Oy. Jani has an over 20-year experience in product development, product design, quality management. Therefore, process optimization in various large companies in Finland. Since 2008 he has expanded his experience in the health-care sector. Jani is the co-developer of the Wheellator.
JARKKO SOSALAProduction Manager
Sosala has an over 20-year experience in product development and the optimization of production processes. Especially in the metal industry. He is co-owner and production manager of Tukimet. Jarkko and Jani are the inventors and developers of the Wheellator.
MIKKO KOIVISTOMarketing and Sales Director
Sales and Marketing Director and co-owner of Tukimet Oy. Koivisto has an over
20-year experience in manufacturing and selling in global markets. He has been an entrepreneur for more than twelve years and has specialized in the export business. Also he is the President of the Board of an insurance company and a metal company in Finland.

What we stand for as Rollator Walkers Manufacturer.

Focus on the needs of the end-users. We develop and produce high-quality rollator walkers. That makes everyday life easier for people and their relatives. Our products not only create a better quality of life. They also help people to be more independent and self-reliant at every step.

We are open to new ideas and market reforms and invest in joint university projects. That’s why we see through the eyes and hear through the customer’s ears. Therefore, we always try to get to know the wishes and needs of disabled people. Our vision is to create new walkers for the elderly. Thus, to fulfil wishes that help people to become more mobile and independent.

We invest in the future. With our state-of-the-art machinery and high-quality standards of rollator walkers. We guarantee safe and durable products that prove themselves worthy in everyday life.

Moving forward together!

We have a high-quality standard of rollator walkers. That’s why we are proud of the fact that we can use the Key Flag Symbol. A mark that has been identified with “MADE IN FINLAND”. For over 50 years. The Key Flag Symbol distinguishes us from our competitors. This shows our customers and consumers that Tukimet Oy not only focuses on quality. Therefore, longevity and sustainability, but also creates and maintains regional jobs. Tukimet Oy regularly employs highly qualified Finnish cooperation partners in addition to its own employees.


Establishment of Walkers Company Tukimet Oy WHEELLATOR

Tukimet Oy was founded in June 2013 when the traditional Tyke® -company, which until then had been run by the regional healthcare administration, was privatized. Tyke® was the Finnish leader and, with over 30 years of experience, one of the oldest companies in the world to have made a name for itself in the production of rollators. The modern production facility of Tukimet Oy is located in the West-Finnish UNESCO World Heritage city of Rauma.

Walkers Company Tukimet Oy Wheellator Rollator Walkers Manufacturer

Engineer Jani Hiljanen had been a production manager at Tyke for many years and in 2013, together with his friend and fellow student from the University of Technology, Jarkko Sosala, he took the opportunity to take over the established traditional brand. In marketing and sales, the management team was completed by the experienced Mikko Koivisto. Since then, the experts have established themselves under the name Tukimet Oy and, in addition to the traditional brand Tyke, have been running another brand since 2017 under the name WHEELLATOR.

Wheellator from Tukimet OY

Tukimet Oy makes products for customers in Europe and overseas. Its customer base includes municipal healthcare departments, medical supply stores, nursing homes, retirement homes, district hospitals, assistance services and retailers.

Tukimet Oy produces the following specializations for older people and people with special needs. In addition to industry-standard medical aids and mobility rollator walkers:

Walkers Company WHEELLATOR Rollator Walkers Manufacturer – The Story

The story and idea behind the Wheellator started when Seppo, a long-time foreman and the innovator of the company’s most sold rollator model Mauno, was retiring. During that time in the company, it was customary to give the retiring personnel as a farewell present a walking aid in a distinct special color, not the normal red. But when it came to Seppo, the change just couldn’t be as slight as color, something more radical needed to be done for him. At first the thought was to create a trailer for a rollator. However, that was discarded right at the planning phase since using it in other ways than going directly straight would’ve been too difficult, even impossible. Jarkko and Jani continued generating ideas and developing the concept.

A load of old wheelchair wheels were found from the storage, and this gave the gentlemen a brilliant idea; they attached the wheels to a walking aid. After some prototypes, the product was tested and it turned out to be an extremely functional and nifty vehicle. The first Wheellator was handed over to Seppo the day he retired in the fall of 2013. In the Finnish market this device is therefore actually called Seppo.

Tukimet Oy Wheellator Rollator Walkers Manufacturer

When we decided to head out of Finland and introduce Seppo to rest of Europe, we realized that this name was not suitable for that purpose. After some brainstorming, a totally unique name was comprised from the combination of the words wheelchair and rollator. This is how the Wheellator came to be!

Do you have questions?

We will help you. Send us an e-mail. Tukimet Oy‘s team is happy to take care of your concerns.