WHEELLATOR® will be further improved

A new project for the WHEELLATOR®, which started in Finland in the spring of 2019, takes place as part of a multidisciplinary development course called "Enabling Life Technologies".

The faculty and students of the Finnish University of Applied Sciences (SAMK) in Pori and the University of Tampere are involved in the course. The participating students are from the fields of welfare technology, automation, nursing, physiotherapy, economics, information technology and
computer science. The cooperation will be particularly interesting in this round because the course participants come from very different educational levels and often have different backgrounds. There are also undergraduate students and exchange students from abroad participating in the project.

The main focus of the course is on company-based student projects. TUKIMET OY also accompanies this project. The students’ project in cooperation with TUKIMET OY aims to improve the WHEELLATOR®. The student team assigned to TUKIMET OY consists of five participants with different nationalities and backgrounds. Toni Aaltonen, Valentin Breton, Ryann Deloso, Julien Deflesselle and Hanna-Kaisa Vehviläinen are working on new technological tools for the WHEELLATOR®, which will take the already innovative multifunctional rollator from its current possible uses to a whole new level.

Hanna-Kaisa explains: "The aim of our project is to improve the WHEELLATOR®, so that it can be better integrated “technically ". The team sees that the use of modern technology makes it possible to increase the operational capability and performance of the WHEELLATOR®, giving the
medical staff new tools for using the WHEELLATOR®. The significant qualities are designed as accessories for healthcare organizations and nursing homes. "

The study project for the Kombi-Rollator by TUKIMET OY pursues three main interests:

  • Adding an odometer: Collecting rangefinder data allows medical personnel to monitor the distance traveled
  • Add a feature for an alarm / nurse calls: Improve user safety
  • Add tracking features: Monitoring improves the usability and availability of the devices

The team emphasizes that the developed system should be understood as a service that increases the versatility of the WHEELLATOR® and increases the possibilities of use to a completely new level.

Instructors want to break old traditions

The course leaders are happy that everyone benefits from this course and their own objective is to break the traditional boundaries of the industry and create something new.

The teachers, who are themselves experts in different areas, want to be aware of current and future trends. They want to develop state-of-the-art solutions and ensure that their students are professionals also in the future.

“Changing attitudes, that's all.” as the teacher, Sari Merilampi, the Researching Principal Lectorer of the SAMK, from the project said.

The Finnish university is looking forward to seeing the results of this special cooperation.

More information about the technological upgrade of the WHEELLATOR® can be found in our article:

WHEELATOR® at the center of technological development

SAMK – Finland


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