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Fall prevention measures helpful tips to prevent falls. Mobility decreases with age. Risk of falling increases. Learn more!

Tips to prevent a fall. Fall prevention measures & prevention.

When mobility and physical condition decline in old age? Then effective measures for fall prevention can help. In this blog post, we would like to present helpful tips, examples & measures for safe fall prevention. To avoid a fall.

Table of Contents:

  1. What is fall prevention definition?
  2. Tips for fall prevention: the best precautions to take so you don’t get seriously injured doing little things.
  3. Fall prevention – measures, aids!

What is fall prevention?

We are always amazed at how many people suffer a fall every day. These people need fall prevention to protect themselves from injury.

Fall prevention: a fall is often not only painful but also dangerous.

The problem is that people also suffer a fall due to illness, age, as well as clumsiness. The risk that you will suffer serious injuries in this way is particularly high. Therefore, fall prevention is a prudent attempt to prevent falls. Falling is one of the main causes of disability. Consequently, it is also an issue for caregivers. Even if it is not easy to prevent a fall, it does not mean that it is impossible.

Why fall prevention? Who benefits most from it?

Older people are often affected by fall injuries.
A fall is indeed a cause for concern. Especially for seniors. Often, a fall leads to the need for care and a person needing care.

The consequences of fall injuries can often be very serious. Therefore, many people at risk of falling also tend to move less and less. In order to avoid a fall. Unfortunately, this also reduces muscle strength.

Fall prevention, avoid falls, what are the causes?

Accordingly, people in need of care have an increased risk of falling.
Reasons for this are, for example:

  • Impaired vision, reduced muscle strength, as well as fatigue and dizziness.
  • In addition, there is often incontinence. The quick way to localities.
  • In addition, external factors influence the prevention of falls. Such as poor lighting. As well as trip hazards on the floor. These can increase the risk of falling.
  • Likewise, a new unfamiliar environment, can also increase the risk of falling. As well as certain medications.

Fall prevention measures in nursing care

Do you have restrictions in movement?
But want to continue to move safely.

Fall prevention? How do you get back on your feet

Often it is the fear, as well as the risk of falling, that negatively affects the lives of older people. Good fall prevention is therefore a must for anyone who has to permanently fight with this problem. Unfortunately, older people in particular are often surrounded by obstacles that make fall prevention more difficult.
To get around these obstacles, there are various fall prevention measures that can help.

However, the fall is not always the end.

Many elderly people are also able to sit up by themselves and get out of bed without help. But if you need help, it is crucial that older people are not left alone. This includes, in particular, the procurement of assistive devices. Better said, which serve to fall -protection. As well as the passing on of information, over the importance of a fall prophylaxis.

Summary Measures for fall prevention:

Especially in old age, mobility decreases. The constitution weakens and the risk of falls increases. Effective measures to prevent falls can help.

Our tip here:
Promote movement and create a safe environment!
Targeted regular movement exercises help. This promotes your muscle strength and coordination. Glasses in the correct visual acuity and small adjustments in the home. Also contribute to safe fall prevention.

Fall prevention measures, how safe is your home really?

  • Eliminate sources of fall hazards in the apartment!
  • Mount appliances in the home, such as televisions, vertically on the wall. Better yet, avoid cables as tripping hazards.
  • Establish walkways and escape routes in the home.
  • Especially in the bathroom, make sure you use non-slip step mats. In addition, we recommend installing grab bars or handrails professionally.

Why fall prevention is so important?

In many older people changes, not only lifestyle, but also the ability to coordinate. However, most seniors are still active and on their feet. At that age, it often becomes difficult to stand up independently. Consequently, the fall is often the trigger for damage to the hip. On the knee, as well as on the back.

Also, due to diabetes, back pain, amputation, prostate enlargement or other diseases, seniors can quickly lose their balance. Therefore, elderly people are often affected by fall injuries. Elderly people in particular often stand up and injure themselves.

Especially if they have slipped on the floor. One of the best ways to prevent this situation is by getting up on a chair.

Why fresh air exercise is so important in COPD therapy choices?

Pulmonary specialists recommend including exercise in the fresh air as an important measure when choosing a COPD therapy.

Fall prevention measures, how safe is a rollator really?

You want safety when using your rollator? Aids like rollators are designed to protect us from accidents, falls and injuries. However, we are also all familiar with the cityscape where rollators are misused.

Dangers and consequences, avoid the 5 common mistakes when using rollators.
  1. The Wheelbarrow. The wheelbarrow position is the most common incorrect posture. In this position, the rollator is far away from the user. Consequences of this can be: a hollow back, as well as pain in the joints, hips and back.
  2. The sloth. The user is supported on the rollator at an angle. Better said, to rest. This posture brings an increased risk of falling, as well as a sore back and overstressed joints.
  3. The chauffeur. A conventional rollator should not be used to transport people. Accidents and falls are bound to happen.
  4. The biker. The push handles are set too high. As a result, shoulder and neck pain can occur.
  5. The kicker. Sitting on the walker and pushing off with your feet. This type of movement can lead to accidents. The trend on the market is towards lightweight rollators. However, often at the expense of stability and your safety.
Summary: Fall prevention measures, how safe is a rollator really?

You can increase your safety and well-being by using a rollator.
But if you don’t use the rollator properly, you are much more likely to fall. Than if you do not use a rollator.

Commercial rollators are not designed for transporting people! In addition, you should not use a regular rollator for tripping either. Since these walking aids are not suitable for this. Especially the wheels of conventional rollators therefore often do not withstand this load.

Our tip: Choose a rollator according to your needs and your ability. Stand in the rollator. Pay attention to the correct setting of the push handles.

WHEELLATOR - for fall prevention

Who doesn’t experience this in old age: Mobility decreases. The constitution weakens and the risk of falls increases. Effective measures to prevent falls can help.
Especially if you sit down more often or can no longer stand up at all.

Wheellator as a safer alternative to the rollator. The Wheellator supports you in fall prevention.
With the WHEELLATOR, you regain more security of movement.

In addition, more stability with a safe fall prophylaxis at the same time! If you are looking for an alternative to the rollator or wheelchair, the Wheellator is a great help.

Not all rollators are the same.

The multifunctional rollator offers you several possibilities to support a more active life.

  1. The Wheellator is like a normal rollator. It offers you support during walks and facilitates safe walking with optimal fall prevention.
  2. With your Wheellator, you can also continue the journey by tripping with your feet. In doing so, you can also continue the journey with your Wheellator by tripping with your feet.


In addition, you can also have an assistant drive you to a place. Where you can then walk again by yourself. As a bonus, you can also use your Wheellator like a wheelchair. Simply drive yourself with the manual drive of the handrims.

What do we stand for as a rollator manufacturer at Tukimet OY?

As a rollator manufacturer at Tukimet OY, we stand for every person being able to move safely! More precisely, because movement is one of the most important basic elements for life.

With a focus on the needs of end users

we develop and produce high-quality products that make everyday life easier for people and their relatives. Our products not only create a better quality of life, but they also ensure that people can be more personally independent and take more personal responsibility for every step they take.

Movement – Independence – Safety – Quality of life
  • What does it mean for people to be able to move safely, independently and at the same time increase their quality of life?
  • A safe movement has served for survival for thousands of years! In contrast, a bad movement led to great dangers and even death.
  • In other words, a safe movement means life, to have self-determined control over oneself.
  • Likewise, life means interacting with other people in society.
  • Going to town with them while being an important part in the family and society.
  • Being able to independently manage independence and quality of life, challenges and inconveniences in movement.  This means to be able to live a happy vital life, until old age, enjoying quality of life with friends and family.
We are open to new ideas and reforms

invest in joint university projects. We see through the eyes and hear through the ears of the customer and are always interested in learning about the wishes and needs of impaired people. Our vision is to create new things and fulfill wishes that help people on their way to more mobility and independence.

We invest in the future.

With state-of-the-art machinery and our high quality standards, we guarantee safe and durable products that prove themselves in everyday use.

We have high quality standards.

and are proud of the fact that our walking aids carry the key label “MADE IN FINLAND”. The key label distinguishes us from competitors and shows our customers and consumers that Tukimet Oy not only focuses on quality, durability and sustainability, but also creates and maintains regional jobs.

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