FAQ frequently asked questions about the Wheellator.

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A: Yes, WHEELATOR has its own aid number and can therefore be compensated the GVK funds. A compensation always depends on the individual case.

A: No, it is not. The goal is to keep the user as independent and mobile as possible while offering them a high degree of stability and security.

A: Yes. WHEELLATOR is designed for this. If the user is tired, the push handles are turned around so that the user can be pushed by an assistant.

A: Yes. WHEELLATOR is designed with its large wheels to move also in this kind of peddling motion.

A: Yes. Right under the seat is a lever with which you can easily fold up the WHEELATOR. The large wheels can be removed with just a push of a button on the quick-lock axle and the push handles can be released down and turned to the middle of the seat. It fits in every car.

A: Not yet. Main focus of the device is to get the user moving by walking.

A: If you stand close to the seat and tilt the WHEELATOR from the backrest towards yourself, you can create a slight tilting due to the large back wheels.

If you have enough of your own strength to unfold the footrest, you can also use this as a tipping aid.

Pressing the brake and pulling the WHEELLATOR, you can guide it safely over any curb.

A: Yes. In the fall of 2020, we will introduce WHEELLATOR smal and WHEELLATOR Big models to the market.

A: Since 2015, we have not yet replaced a single spare part on any WHEELLATOR due to normal wear. Regular maintenance will increase the life and safety of your WHEELLATOR.

A drop of oil on the quick-lock axle and brake cable is often enough. If necessary, the brakes should be adjusted by using the adjustment screw. The moving parts of the brake lever should also be lubricated.

We recommend replacing the rubber covers on the push handles for hygienic reasons at least every 2-3 years. Only original WHEELLATOR  spare parts should be used for repair and maintenance.

We provide telephone support and on-site service.

A: At the moment rental is possible with Germany. We have a service partner that offers nationwide short-term rental. For other locations, we are still in search of partners for this kind of operations.

A: We have our own online shop, a selection of online shops by our partners and several local partners, who sell the WHEELLATOR.

A: The main task of the WHEELLATOR is to relieve the staff’s workload, so that more time for interpersonal contacts is freed.

The WHEELATOR enables people, who need assistance, to be more self-determined and self-reliant, so they can master everyday life with a better quality of life.

By relieving the staff’s workload and motivating their residents, companies are recording fewer sick days.

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