Test pilot project with WHEELLATOR has started.

Mobility solution Wheellator a wheeled walking frame.

Travel and mobility solution WHEELLATOR a wheeled walking frame. 

Since April 4th 2019, the WHEELLATOR has been available at Dresden Airport for passengers with limited mobility. As part of this pilot project on “Disability Travel and Mobility Reduction”. The airport will deploy two WHEELATOR´s in the check-in area.  Two Wheellator will be in security control area during a 3-month trial period. The project aims to show how the device is used by the passengers with reduced mobility.

Wheeled walking frame.

Normally disabled passengers and passengers with reduced mobility. Are often accompanied by the airport staff. Or firefighters on the premises from the moment they have to abandon their rollator or wheelchair in baggage handling as bulky luggage. With the a wheeled walking frame WHEELLATOR. These passengers with reduced mobility now remain flexible and independent even after security control. Now the can move themselves to the departure terminal or let themselves be transported by their assistant. The use of the WHEELLATOR is as a free service offered by the Dresden Airport.

Mobility solution Wheellator suitability for many different kind of users.

The agile WHEELLATOR, which can be used as a multifunctional walking aid. Mobility solution Wheellator suitability for many different kind of users. Is suitable for a variety of users with limited mobility. Particularly persons with balance disorders or diseases such as cerebral apoplexy, osteoporosis or multiple sclerosis benefit from the stability and safety of the versatile WHEELLATOR. It can not only be used as a rollator, but can also be used in its wheelchair mode after a 180-degree turn. In wheelchair mode, the device can either be pushed by an assistant or moved forward by the user themselves via the large back wheels like in a wheelchair. Legs can be set on the footrests after they have been folded down. When the footrests are up, the user can also move seated by peddling onward with their feet. The large basket allows the user to very conveniently store their purchases while strolling through the shops.

The fire department is also testing the WHEELLATOR

The fire department, which is responsible for all transports of disabled passengers on the Dresden airport site, is also testing the deployment of the WHEELLATOR. There are 4,000 events a year, in which the fire department has to deal with the transport of disabled people on the site, and the
trend is rising.

Innovative walker mobility solution Wheellator a wheeled walking frame for airports.

NAccording to the traffic manager of Dresden Airport, the traffic managers of all German airports will meet at the end of May. WHEELLATOR will also be on the agenda. If the innovative walker proves its worth in the project at Dresden Airport, it is up for discussion if it should also be used at
other German airports during the test phase.


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