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Are you looking for an innovative product with a unique selling point? Then the WHEELLATOR® could be the right thing for you! Help many people and benefit from the versatile target group oriented concept at the same time. The WHEELATOR® can be used by people of all ages.

Business areas

We offer attractive partnerships in the healthcare industry. For the distribution and sales of the WHEELLATOR® we offer you functional concepts for customer acquisition and customer loyalty as well as attractive leasing concepts.

Take advantage of our partnership in the following areas:

  • Medical supply stores
  • Pharmacies
  • Rehabilitation & Physiotherapy practices
  • Naturopath practices
  • Practices for occupational therapy
  • Online shops in the assistive aid area
  • Field workers in the healthcare industry

As equipment in different facilities:

  • Hospitals

    • Neurology
    • Rehabilitation
    • Occupational therapy
    • Physical therapy
    • Geriatrics
    • Maintenance
    • Psychiatry (depression)
  • Rehabilitation clinics
  • Retirement homes
  • Nursing homes

For the supply of companies, for example:

  • Airports

  • Shopping malls
  • Supermarkets

Our Export Manager Mirko Borm supports the partners of Tukimet Oy in German and English.


Your advantages

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WHEELATOR® is a market novelty. Participate as a partner in the market launch and win your customer base in the fields of B2C or B2B.
The various functions of the WHEELLATOR®, as a rollator, wheelchair and transport chair, can be used to reduce the equipment clusters at clinics and facilities.

At the same time, the WHEELLATOR® offers patients the opportunity to be more independent and take more initiative through its special functions and high level of safety. Thus, the device sets free 25% of the nursing staff resources.

In addition, the WHEELLATOR® provides 99.9% satisfaction by the movement safety of the patients (via fall prevention).

Among other things, Tukimet Oy offers partners a business customer concept with extremely attractive leasing terms for large customers, ensuring regular follow-up transactions. Larger facilities such as clinics or nursing homes can lease the WHEELLATOR® at extremely low monthly rates and regularly receive new models.

WHEELLATOR® offers up to 100% budget relief through our leasing investment offers.

The robust structure as well as high-quality and durable materials guarantee the WHEELLATOR® a low need for spare parts and a long and high load capacity.

The solid rubber tires of the WHEELLATOR® ensure that there are no flat tires, hence not adding extra strain on the staff.

Also, the staff saves time in maintenance since the WHEELLATOR® is easy to clean and disinfect.

With its exceptional maneuverability and ease of use, the WHEELLATOR® helps to save on renovation and maintenance costs in elevators, narrow corridors, toilets and other confined spaces.

The easy handling of the WHEELLATOR® for staff, patients and their relatives supports the independence of the user and saves the nursing staff time and effort.

Enjoy the advantage of the WHELLATOR® being very valuable for several different customer groups. In addition to end users such as seniors, patients and their relatives, the WHEELLATOR® is also of great interest to hospitals, nursing homes and other institutions – because it can relieve the workforce significantly and because it makes many users more independent. It promotes economic efficiency and protects the budget.
WHEELATOR® is not only a particularly stable companion suitable for everyday use, but can also be used specifically as a sports and therapy device.

The colors orange, green and black, in which the WHEELLATOR® can be ordered as standard, promote user motivation.

WHEELLATOR® offers more safety and stability than a conventional rollator and thus ensures a significantly lower fall risk for patients and users. Last but not least, clinics and facilities can ensure greater safety with the WHEELLATOR® and thus, in terms of their public image, benefit from good fall prevention and fewer accidents among patients and users.
WHEELLATOR® promotes the mobility and motivation of patients and users inside and outside the facilities by significantly reducing the risk of falls and by its various means of moving. Even trips with family members are encouraged. At the same time, the staff’s workload is significantly relieved by the initiative of patients and users.
Benefit as a medical supply store, medical facility or nursing facility from the free WHEELLATOR® training and demonstrations, which can be arranged on-site as agreed.

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