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This website is brought to you by Tukimet Oy. In this privacy policy statement the expressions “we”, “us”, “ours” etc. refer to Tukimet Oy. The expressions “you”, “yours” etc. refer to you as a user of our website, even if you are not a registered user to the site.

Generally, you can visit the site without entering any personal data. The site is technically divided into separate sections some of which may require us to collect more personal data of you while some may be used without processing any personal data.

When visiting the site, certain technical and other information is automatically sent by your computer to us (i.e. IP address, the type of your browser and the source of your visit). We also collect information about your website usage information by using cookies. Please see the cookies
section of this Privacy Statement for further information.

On certain parts of the site, you may be asked to provide personal data and/or sign up for the service in order to access a service that you have requested. Once you register on the site or have otherwise been assigned a specific identification code to access your accounts, we may request that you provide certain information.

We are committed to protect the privacy of our users. Your trust is important to us and hence we handle your date with care and sensibility. Tukimet is a manufacturer, developer and seller of assistive aids. We handle mainly data given to us by our customers themselves in order to deliver these products. We also use the collected data for customer service, product development and marketing purposes.

Please read this website privacy policy statement with care. Do not use this site, if you do not accept all the procedures described in this statement. Also, do not use this site, if you are under 14 years old.

Tukimet Oy is committed to protecting the privacy of its customers and users of its product and service according to the Finnish Personal Data Act (523/1999), the Finnish Information Society Code (917/2014) and other applicable laws.

The user of our products and services accepts this privacy policy statement by using our services. If the user does not accept these terms, the user does not have any right to use our services.

This Privacy Policy Statement includes:

o What information does Tukimet collect?
o From which sources is my information collected?
o For which purposes is my data collected?
o How is my data stored and combined?
o For how long will my data be stored?

o Who can handle my personal data?
o Will my data be transferred to third parties?
o How is my personal data protected?
o What are cookies and are they used on Tukimet’s web sites?
o Do third parties collect information about my visits to Tukimet websites?
o How can I influence my privacy?
o Is this privacy statement subject to changes?
o How can I contact you?

1. What information does Tukimet collect?

We collect information about users for the purposes specified in Section 3 of this privacy statement. The purpose for data collection defines what information is collected from the user in each situation.

VInformation provided by the user or personally identifiable data:

– contact details, such as name, address, telephone number, email address
– the registration data required for a digital account, such as username, nickname, password and any other individual identifier
– customer account information, such as invoicing and payment details, product and order information
– customer feedback and contacts, competition responses and subscription cancellation data
– preferences and interest information provided by the user
– permissions and consents
– information provided to surveys and research
– any other information collected with the user’s consent

Data in our marketing register:

Our marketing registers contain information about a person’s name and contact details. We can store user’s information in our marketing register for example when the user has given their information through a contact sheet or if the user has given us their contact details for example in writing or orally at a product presentation, trade fair or a meeting.

2. From which sources is my information collected?

Personal data is mainly collected at the point of subscription or registration, or later during the customer relationship. Additional sources of information include the Finnish Population Information System, and other similar public or private registers.

3. For which purposes is my data collected?

We only collect, handle and use personal data for predefined purposes, mainly:
• To enable online services and purchases in our digital and physical stores and delivery of our products
• To manage, run and maintain our website
• To develop our products, marketing and website
• To reply to your questions and requests
• For special offers, purchases and customer relationship management
• To offer you information about products that interest you through various marketing channels i.e. newsletters (if you have subscribed for them), social media and online and search engine marketing
• To communicate with you about e.g. reminders, safety notices or briefings
• To manage awards, surveys, sweepstakes, competitions or other activities related to promotion of sales
• To comply with our legal obligations, to exercise, establish or defend our legal rights, or to protect your vital interests or those of any other person and to prevent and/or detect fraud or fraudulent behavior
• Other specific purposes for which you have distinctly given your consent and other possible purposes allowed by the law

We ask for your consent as required by the law before collecting, processing and using your personal data for the above purposes. If we wish to use your personal information for any new or other purpose, we will notify you and we will use your information for such purposes only when the law requires or permits such use or you have consented to it.

Only a limited number of Tukimet Oy employees have access to your personal information for the above purposes (e.g. sales, support functions, law services, financial administration, IT services and accounting staff and some other superiors).

4. How is my data stored and combined?

We handle the personally identifiable information that the user has given to us (such as profile and contact details) separately from observed data about online service use and derived data, typically in separate databases.

5. For how long will my data be stored?

We store user information only for as long as is necessary in order to fulfil the purposes set out in Section 3 above, in accordance with the applicable legislation.

A person’s digital account is typically valid for eighteen (18) months. If the user has not logged in to his or her digital account during that time period, the user is requested to renew his or her user rights. If the user does not renew his or her user rights, or the user’s customer relationship or other reason for handling personal data are no longer valid, the user’s personal data will be deleted, transferred to a permanent marketing register, or anonymized into such a format that it is no longer possible to identify the person.

In addition, we may be obligated to store some of the user’s personal data in order to comply with accounting laws or other imperative legal provisions, even after the termination of the customer relationship.

6. Who can handle my personal data?

The employees of Tukimet Oy can handle personal data according to the applicable Personal Data Act. We may also outsource the handling of personal data to a third party supplier or vendor, in which case we ensure through contractual measures that the personal data is handled appropriately and in compliance with the Personal Data Act.

These processing purposes may include e.g. database management, service maintenance, network analysis, responding to contacts, order delivery, mailing and emailing, recurring unnecessary data from customer databases, data analysis, sales and marketing assistance, credit card processing and customer service.

Most orders from our web shop are sent internationally through PostNord or within Finland through Matkahuolto and hence these companies will have access to the personal data required to make the delivery. The Privacy Policy for PostNord is available here and for Matkahuolto here (only available in Finnish). Other third party service providers may be, for example, information technology companies, credit card payment processors, credit rating companies, companies providing legal and financial services or other consultants.

The service provider only has access to the personal information required to perform certain tasks, and the information is only used for these tasks. We will ensure that the third-party service providers are aware of and abide by these commitments. In addition, we ensure that all third-
party service providers process your personal information with the care required by at least the applicable data protection laws and adhere to appropriate technical and organizational security measures.

We typically store our data in the EU or the EEA. If any data is transferred outside the EU or EEA, we will ensure that the country to which the data is transferred is approved as having a sufficient level of privacy protection by the European Commission, or by using standard contractual model clauses approved by the European Commission. Third party suppliers processing data on our behalf must handle personal data in compliance with this privacy statement.

We only transfer information to third parties for their independent use in cases presented in Section 7.

7. Will my data be transferred or disclosed to third parties?

We will not sell, lease out or disclose personal data of an identified user to third parties for their independent purposes, except for the situations shown below.

We can disclose user’s data to third parties, if the user has given his or her express consent for such transfer.

We may also disclose personal data to authorities or to other parties if required to do so by law.

In the case of mergers, acquisitions, or other kinds of re-arrangements of our business operations, personal data may be transferred to buyers and their advisors.

8. How is my personal data protected?

We use technical and organizational measures to protect personal data against unauthorized access, transfer, deletion or other handling that may compromise information security. Such methods include the use of firewalls, encryption technologies and safe server rooms, proper access control systems, the controlled provision of user rights and supervision of their use, providing instructions for data processors, and the thorough selection of competent subcontractors who comply with industry standards for information security management.

9. What are cookies and are they used on Tukimet’s websites?

We may use cookies and other similar online technologies, such as the browser’s local data storage, to collect data from a user’s terminal. Cookies are small text files that the browser saves in the user’s device. Cookies often contain an anonymous individual identifier, which we can use to measure how many different browsers are visiting our websites, and how our online services are being used.

10. Do third parties collect information about my visits to Tukimet websites?

Third parties refer to parties other than Tukimet, such as advertisers, advertising networks or providers of online measurement and analytics services, who may collect data from Tukimet’s sites. These third parties may place their cookies on the user’s browser when the user visits our services, for example, in order to offer targeted digital advertisements to the user, or to compile statistics about the number of visitors on different sites. In this case, the user’s browser will call the third party’s servers for the delivery of the advertisements, and the third party can view, edit or set its cookies as if the user was on its website. Tukimet has contractual measures in place to ensure that such third parties follow the applicable legislation and relevant self-regulatory guidelines.

Our services may contain social plugins, such as Facebook’s like buttons. Although Facebook’s social plugin buttons may be displayed in some of our sites and services, their content comes directly from Facebook. Facebook may collect information about users’ visits according to its privacy policy. Facebook will not transfer the information collected to Tukimet, unless the user has given his or her express consent for this purpose. Users can read the service terms and privacy policies of third party social networking services on their sites. The Privacy Policy for Facebook is
available here (

Our pages are hosted by WordPress and they forward the data given by you to us. However WordPress may also have access to this information. You can read their Privacy Policy here (

Our services may also contain links to non-Tukimet websites other than those listed above. However we are not responsible for the privacy policies nor for the content of such third party websites. We recommend that users read the privacy statements of each website.

11. How can I influence my privacy?

We are committed to providing our users choices and control over data processing. In this section we list different ways of influencing data collection and processing.

Direct marketing consents

Users have the right to prevent their information from being used for direct sales or marketing purposes, and for electronic direct marketing purposes. Users can opt-out by contacting our customer service, or in the event of e-mail marketing, directly from the e-mail.

Right to verify your information

Users have the right of check what kind of personal data has been collected. Upon the user’s request, we will modify, remove or supplement any incorrect, unnecessary, incomplete or outdated personal data. Users may update and/or check their personal data by contacting our customer service.

Preventing the use of cookies

Users can prevent the use of cookies by changing their browser settings. Preventing cookies may have an impact on the way our services function.

Creating a new cookie profile by clearing cookies

Users can clear their cookie history from their browser settings. By regularly deleting cookies from the browser, users can change the identifier on the basis of which a specific online user profile is generated. Clearing cookies will not complete prevent information from being collected; however it does resets the user’s online profile based on new cookies.

12. Is this privacy statement subject to changes?

We are continuously developing our services and reserve the right to change this privacy policy statement by informing our users of such changes in our services. Changes may also be based on changes in legislation. We recommend that users read our Privacy Policy statement on regular basis to keep track of changes.

13. How can I contact you?

Your feedback is always welcome. Please contact us if you have any concerns about the privacy of your personal data or issues related to our privacy statement or other concerns. You may also contact us when you want to know what kind of personal information we have of you or when you want to update, correct or delete your personal information or to prevent future use, to withdraw your prior consent or to prohibit the creation of a personal user profile.

Please contact us by email:
You can also send inquiries related to this Privacy Statement and possible advertising targeting related remarks to:

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