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Rehab rollator with wheelchair function WHEELLATOR

Rehab rollator with wheelchair function WHEELLATOR – INNOVATION 3 in 1.

Ready to roll into a new era of rehabilitation? Dive into our articles and unlock the full potential of the WHEELLATOR – your key to independence and improved quality of life. Don’t miss out on this transformative journey – start exploring now!

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Rehab Rollator with Wheelchair Function - WHEELLATOR - INNOVATION 3in1

Welcome to our blog, where innovation meets mobility! Explore the cutting-edge world of rehabilitation with the WHEELLATOR – INNOVATION 3in1 REHAB. A revolutionary rollator seamlessly integrating a wheelchair function. Discover how this versatile device is transforming the rehabilitation experience. Whether you’re a caregiver, a healthcare professional, or someone on a personal journey to enhanced mobility, our blog is your go-to resource for insights, tips, and the latest updates on this groundbreaking solution.

Field report: 3in1 rehab rollator wheelchair combination with handrim function of the new generation.

Are you dependent on a rollator?
But can’t find a rollator with which you feel safe? How about a rollator-wheelchair combination that also meets your needs. So that you can move independently and on your own responsibility.
The Wheellator is a rollator-wheelchair combination that allows you to move independently. For at home and on the road. Test it now for 7 days without obligation! (against deposit)

WHEELLATOR - A brand new innovation to stay mobile with safety.

Table of contents

  • What is a rollator with wheelchair function
  • Wheellator 3in1 rehab rollator wheelchair
  • ombination with handrims

What is a rollator with wheelchair function

Rollator Wheelchair is a 2in1 walking rollator in one: In just a few steps, the rollator can be converted into a wheelchair. This creates flexibility and offers you new possibilities for your mobility.

Walking rollator Wheelchair function in one.

  • This special rollator-wheelchair combination is used for rehabilitation therapy. It can also be used with the wheelchair function for walks.
  • In addition, the walking rollator wheelchair “Wheellator” can be pushed as usual.
    Better said, if you get tired, simply sit on the seat of the rollator. You can then also be pushed by an accompanying person.
  • You can also drive the 3in1 Rehab Rollator Wheelchair Combination with handrims yourself while sitting. The large handrims on the Wheellator make it possible.
  • The “Wheellator” will amaze you with its unique application possibilities. This combination rehab rollator wheelchair function with push rims opens up new possibilities for you.

Try WHEELLATOR now and check availability!

What do we stand for as a rollator manufacturer at Tukimet OY?

As a rollator manufacturer at Tukimet OY, we stand for every person being able to move safely! More precisely, because movement is one of the most important basic elements for life.

With a focus on the needs of end users

we develop and produce high-quality products that make everyday life easier for people and their relatives. Our products not only create a better quality of life, but they also ensure that people can be more personally independent and take more personal responsibility for every step they take.

Movement – Independence – Safety – Quality of life
  • What does it mean for people to be able to move safely, independently and at the same time increase their quality of life?
  • A safe movement has served for survival for thousands of years! In contrast, a bad movement led to great dangers and even death.
  • In other words, a safe movement means life, to have self-determined control over oneself.
  • Likewise, life means interacting with other people in society.
  • Going to town with them while being an important part in the family and society.
  • Being able to independently manage independence and quality of life, challenges and inconveniences in movement.  This means to be able to live a happy vital life, until old age, enjoying quality of life with friends and family.
We are open to new ideas and reforms

invest in joint university projects. We see through the eyes and hear through the ears of the customer and are always interested in learning about the wishes and needs of impaired people. Our vision is to create new things and fulfill wishes that help people on their way to more mobility and independence.

We invest in the future.

With state-of-the-art machinery and our high quality standards, we guarantee safe and durable products that prove themselves in everyday use.

We have high quality standards.

and are proud of the fact that our walking aids carry the key label “MADE IN FINLAND”. The key label distinguishes us from competitors and shows our customers and consumers that Tukimet Oy not only focuses on quality, durability and sustainability, but also creates and maintains regional jobs.


When do people need a rollator-wheelchair combination at all?

Often the need for a rollator-wheelchair combination comes unexpectedly. For example, due to an accident or an operation. Others need a combination of a rollator with wheelchair function due to a diagnosis.

Doctors and therapists are enthusiastic about the new rollator-wheelchair combination with handrim function.

With the innovative rollator wheelchair with handrim function. The Finnish rollator manufacturer therefore closes a gap. Especially for people with physical impairments!

  • Because with this rollator-wheelchair combination, safety and stability can still be guaranteed.
  • As a result, you can prevent both falls and injuries.
  • In addition, it also supports people with gait insecurities. Who are permanently or temporarily dependent on walking aids such as the walking rollator.
  • In addition, the patented rehab rollator wheelchair with push rims can also be converted from a walking rollator into a stable wheelchair in a matter of seconds.

5 advantages of a rollator with wheelchair function

  • Staying active and therefore not only relying on a wheelchair.
  • Practise mobility and walking again. Walking training is where you test your limits. That is why you need a walking rollator to keep you safe when you are exhausted. So that you can still get home again without difficulty.
  • The progression of a neurological disease.:

  • Such as multiple sclerosis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) or Parkinson’s disease.
  • Due to an increasing difficulty in walking, you already want to take precautions and have only one aid at home.
  • In the event of a deterioration in mobility. You then already have the rollator wheelchair at home. As well as when travelling, but there is only room for one of your aids on the plane or in the car.
  • Finally, you can be spontaneous again. You decide flexibly, always and everywhere which aid is suitable for your upcoming activity. How about a walk through the park right after a shopping spree? Until now, you only dared to do that if you had started the whole day with your wheelchair. With your normal walking rollator, you fear that you will be exhausted by the end. That is why you no longer dare to go on spontaneous outings.

In addition, the rehab walking rollator with wheelchair function -Wheellator not only supports people with walking problems:

  • To get back into mobility.
    At the same time, to have more self-confidence,
    It thus also promotes independent mobility in everyday life.
  • In addition, users also receive optimal rehabilitation training for arm, thigh and leg muscles.

3in1 rehab therapy walking rollator with wheelchair function. The WHEELLATOR cleverly combines the safety of a wheelchair with the mobility of a rollator. At the same time, to have more self-confidence, It thus also promotes independent mobility in everyday life. In addition, users also receive optimal rehabilitation training for arm, thigh and leg muscles.

At the same time, the multifunctional walking rollator is particularly suitable for wheelchair users. Those who have limited mobility but can still walk independently. However, they are inevitably completely dependent on a wheelchair. The usual rollators on the market do not offer them enough stability and safety. The rehab therapy walking rollator with wheelchair function supports these people. With the WHEELLATOR and its various functions, you can stay active. In addition, you retain your independence. This allows you to move safely for as long as possible.

The innovative rehab therapy walking rollator with wheelchair function - Wheellator is exactly the right choice for you if...:

  • You prefer a combination of rollator wheelchair with handrim function.
    Or looking for a travel wheelchair.
  • With which you can move around independently thanks to its drive wheels.
  • Better said, to continue to take an active part in life yourself. But you don’t want to give up the option of externally controlled locomotion.
  • You have enough security during walks. Both on cobblestone streets and on uneven paths. To be able to take a break and sit down at any time.
  • At the same time, having the option. To be able to switch seamlessly between walking, tripping as well as pushing.
  • In addition, you can also use the rollator wheelchair with handrims function indoors. Because the Wheellator has a very small turning circle. It does not matter whether you use the Wheellator standing or sitting.

Put your trust in a real all-rounder, with the 2in1 walking rollator with wheelchair - transport wheelchair function.

The 3in1 Wheellator is the latest hybrid wheelchair/walker product designed for both indoor and outdoor use.

  • In addition, you can convert your Wheellator from a walking rollator into a wheelchair at any time if you become exhausted.
  • In this way, it not only has a very practical use in everyday life. It also enables you to be even more independent, self-confident and mobile when moving around.


Would you like to test the WHEELLATOR walking rollator without obligation to see if it is the right aid for you?

No problem, we have set up a Wheellator rental service for you throughout Germany.

WHEELLATOR: These 4 types of locomotion distinguish the rehab therapy walking rollator with wheelchair function from all other rollators.

The 3in1 WHEELLATOR is multifunctional. The user can choose between four ways of moving around with the flexible walking aid, depending on how he or she is feeling at the moment.

  • Use as a walking rollator with seat function (more tilt-resistant compared to a conventional rollator).
  • As a combination rollator with wheelchair function, in which case the user can be pushed by an accompanying person.
  • In wheelchair mode, the user can drive even over short distances without being dependent on strength.
  • Indoor and outdoor walker for sitting and tripping. With the footrests folded in, the user can move around with his feet.
Download our free info brochure about the Wheellator today. Be amazed at the unique possibilities it opens up for you.
How can you convert the Wheellator walking rollator into a wheelchair without tools?
  • For the conversion, you simply sit on the WHEELLATOR and fold out the side footrests.
  • Then, thanks to the large handrims, you can immediately move on independently with your hands.
  • As an alternative to independent movement, the push handles can also be turned around quickly and easily.
  • This means that the 2in1 REHA WHEELLATOR can be pushed by an attendant and braked with the drum brake if necessary.
  • Exactly as it is possible with a normal wheelchair.
  • This is why such mobility options clearly distinguish the stable 2in1 REHA THERAPY ROLLER-WHEELLATOR from commercially available rollators.
  • With commercially available rollators, pushing or jogging is dangerous because of the high risk of falling.
  • This is why it is generally not desired by other rollator manufacturers!
Why many people in care are relegated to immobility, often unintentionally?
  • This is often due to the fact that assistants are not allowed to push a seated person in a commercially available rollator for safety reasons.
  • In everyday life, this often leads to caregivers being unable to actively move the patient independently with a walking rollator when going for a walk.
  • Instead of keeping the person mobile, care staff often put them straight into a wheelchair.
  • This is because they want to avoid the risk of having to run back to fetch a wheelchair.
  • In addition, those affected often report that they run out of strength on the way.
  • To make matters worse, in this case the caregiver has to leave the person alone for a short time.
  • To be more precise, to fetch the wheelchair and, in addition, to retrieve the rollator that has been left behind in another corridor.
  • This increased workload and the risk for the person left alone for a short time is therefore often avoided by the nursing staff from the outset.
Daily challenges and actions of the caregivers in practice, therefore, often lead to a strong cut for those affected!
  • This is why those affected automatically and unintentionally become more and more dependent.
  • At the same time, their muscles regress and important bodily functions increasingly lack the stimulation of movement.
  • The lack of movement also affects the mind and mental well-being.
    Instead of a walking experience and the feeling of having “done/achieved something”, the cared-for person feels “useless/pushed around”.


The 2in1 REHA WHEELLATOR offers an optimal solution for such situations, because it is specially designed to be pushed by a caregiver if the patient is no longer able to move with it – in this way, the innovative combi rollator-wheelchair keeps people with disabilities active to the best of their ability and saves time for the caregiver and eliminates care risks.

The valuable Wheellator “companion” has a stable basket ex works, for example for transporting a required oxygen device.

What does it mean for people to move safely independently?

Movement – Independence – Safety – Self-determined – Quality of life!

  • That is why movement means life for us! Not moving equals sill standing!

  • According to this, active movement is an important basic element of human beings and has been used for survival for thousands of years.

  • Better said, life means interacting with other people.

  • For example, going to town with them and being an equal part of society.

  • Furthermore, life means being self-determined and enjoying quality of life with friends and loving relatives.

For this very reason, we as the rollator manufacturer of Tukimet stand up for the fact that every person is able to move safely. Movement is therefore one of the most important basic elements for life!

What is the 3in1 WHEELLATOR-Reha walking rollator with wheelchair function not?
  • With its 16kg tare weight, the 2in1 WHEELLATOR is not to be regarded as a lightweight rollator that has to be carried up many stairs every day.
  • Likewise, the Wheellator walking rollator has not been developed to permanently replace a standard wheelchair.
  • Its tasks are rather to make walking safer for people with walking disabilities and at the same time also to promote their activity and rehabilitation.


The 2in1 REHA WHEELLATOR can be used by this group of people as an extremely stable mobility aid parallel to the wheelchair. For these people, the innovative 2in1 Combi Rollator with Wheelchair Function -Whellator, is a unique opportunity to not have to give up their mobility completely and to regain or maintain a piece of quality of life and independence.