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WHEELLATOR Independence & safety in everyday life

Independence & security in everyday life

How to maintain your independence and safety in everyday life with the WHEELLATOR.

The WHEELLATOR is an innovative and multifunctional health care product. For people with physical impairments, the WHEELLATOR thus offers the optimal range of independence & safety. The functionality consists of the effective combination between rollator & wheelchair. Due to this, the WHEELLATOR opens new doors regarding fundamental problems in mobility as well as activity.

What does independence & safety mean in everyday life? What role does the Wheellator play in this?

We are always amazed at how many people suffer a fall every day. These people need fall prevention to protect themselves from injury.

Fall prevention: a fall is often not only painful but also dangerous.

In view of the simple application and the professional conception, the WHEELLATOR enables independence and safety in everyday life.

Especially for people with walking aids and gait weaknesses, the WHEELLATOR provides a permanently secured increase in mobility. The user’s independence is actively supported by the stability and the prevailing safety. This makes it easier to cope with everyday tasks.

What is the difference to the conventional rollator?

The fundamental difference between the WHEELLATOR and a conventional rollator is its stability. Better said, the safety created by the revolutionary conception for the purpose of locomotion in everyday life. Especially for wheelchair users or people who are partially dependent on a wheelchair.

Thus, the WHEELLATOR offers the preservation of the greatest possible independence. With this, the WHEELLATOR continuously increases the quality of life of those affected. On the one hand, the Wheellator closes a fundamental gap in mobility. On the other hand, physically disadvantaged people.

WHEELLATOR Comparison vs. standard rollator - wheelchair

This is where the WHEELLATOR differs from a standard rollator. For example, in the 4 modes of locomotion. Wheellator the 4-in-1 rollator = pushing, being pushed, driving yourself, tripping.

Sturzprophylaxe Maßnahmen in der Pflege

Independence & safety in everyday life!
Mobility solution WHEELLATOR for your safety !

What do we stand for as a rollator manufacturer at Tukimet OY?

As a rollator manufacturer at Tukimet OY, we stand for every person being able to move safely! More precisely, because movement is one of the most important basic elements for life.

With a focus on the needs of end users

we develop and produce high-quality products that make everyday life easier for people and their relatives. Our products not only create a better quality of life, but they also ensure that people can be more personally independent and take more personal responsibility for every step they take.

Movement – Independence – Safety – Quality of life
  • What does it mean for people to be able to move safely, independently and at the same time increase their quality of life?
  • A safe movement has served for survival for thousands of years! In contrast, a bad movement led to great dangers and even death.
  • In other words, a safe movement means life, to have self-determined control over oneself.
  • Likewise, life means interacting with other people in society.
  • Going to town with them while being an important part in the family and society.
  • Being able to independently manage independence and quality of life, challenges and inconveniences in movement.  This means to be able to live a happy vital life, until old age, enjoying quality of life with friends and family.
We are open to new ideas and reforms

invest in joint university projects. We see through the eyes and hear through the ears of the customer and are always interested in learning about the wishes and needs of impaired people. Our vision is to create new things and fulfill wishes that help people on their way to more mobility and independence.

We invest in the future.

With state-of-the-art machinery and our high quality standards, we guarantee safe and durable products that prove themselves in everyday use.

We have high quality standards.

and are proud of the fact that our walking aids carry the key label “MADE IN FINLAND”. The key label distinguishes us from competitors and shows our customers and consumers that Tukimet Oy not only focuses on quality, durability and sustainability, but also creates and maintains regional jobs.


Together into a Safe Future Wheellator Independence & Safety in Everyday Life!

  • Pushing or inching is usually not allowed with a commercial rollator due to the high risk of falling.
  • The WHEELLATOR guarantees increased stability in contrast to a conventional wheelchair.

The risk of falling is permanently minimised and thus the safety of the user is permanently increased. In addition, the stable basket of the WHEELLATOR can be used with a cool bag or other essential utensils.

Wheellator stay mobile safely and at the same time maintain independence in old age.

WHEELLATOR – Use & added value

  • The WHEELLATOR was developed for private use.
    As well as for use in hospitals.
    It is also suitable for institutions and workshops where people with disabilities work.
    In addition, rehabilitation and senior citizen facilities benefit from independence and autonomy.
  • Effective care for illnesses, operations, accidents and rehabilitation treatments.


Independence and mobility of the user is promoted.

The WHEELLATOR not only promotes the user’s independence and mobility. Furthermore, the multifunctional walking aid combines a high-quality sports and therapy device in one. It actively supports muscle development during rehabilitation measures.

Additional benefits also for clinic staff.

  • The WHEELLATOR also offers energetic additional benefits for the staff of clinics, accident clinics, rehabilitation clinics and facilities for the elderly.
  • Due to the relief from everyday tasks. Thanks to the use of the WHEELLATOR, it generates significant added value in terms of cost and time savings for nursing staff.

Everyday duties of the user, such as going to the toilet. Which previously could only be done under the supervision of a caregiver. This can now be done independently. In other words, there is no longer any need for personal care. This represents a significant added value in the eyes of the user as well as the nursing staff. This is reflected in the significant time saved by the caregiver and the gained independence of the user.

WHEELLATOR - independence & safety in everyday life the flexible means of transport.

With its variable application possibilities, the WHEELLATOR opens up unimagined perspectives. For example, in terms of flexibility in everyday life. As a conventionally usable walking aid, the WHEELLATOR supports daily tasks of social life. The Wheellator enables a permanent increase in quality of life. Thanks to a constructive sense of independence, through autonomy & safety in everyday life.

How can you convert the Wheellator from a rollator to a wheelchair?

In addition, the WHEELLATOR can be transformed from a conventional rollator to a robust and safe wheelchair by following simple steps.

In wheelchair mode, it is possible for the user to be pushed. They can also drive it independently with minimal physical effort.

By folding down the footrests, the WHEELLATOR becomes a stable wheelchair. The large wheels thus turn the Wheellator into a moving wheelchair. Alternatively, it is also possible to keep the footrests folded in. This allows the WHEELLATOR to be moved with the feet in a sitting position.

Easy folding for transport in motor vehicles.

The WHEELLATOR was specially designed for transport in motor vehicles of all kinds. Its special feature is the simple assembly. The wheels can be easily removed at the push of a button. Simply fold it up, pull up the catch spring under the seat and then tilt the Wheellator forwards. In this way, the stability of the frame is not restricted, in contrast to standard longitudinal or transverse folders.

WHEELLATOR - independence & safety in everyday life Design, conception & functionality

WHEELLATOR - independence & safety in everyday life Design, conception & functionality

The WHEELLATOR is characterised by its sturdy steel frame and high-quality workmanship. Despite the solid frame and the resulting stability, the WHEELLATOR has a simple manoeuvrability. Therefore, it can be turned around its own axis without considerable effort. Turns such as those that occur in everyday situations can also be carried out with the minimum of effort. This makes the WHEELLATOR ideal for use in everyday life and its challenges.

Wheellator Independence & safety in everyday life as a safer path companion for indoor-outdoor use.

In addition, the WHEELLATOR offers exclusive comfort both indoors and outdoors. Furthermore, you have safe locomotion options on various surfaces. Indoors, the user is able to move on almost any surface with little effort.
Furthermore, the WHEELLATOR is defined by its agility in confined spaces. This allows it to function as a constant companion in both wheelchair and rollator mode, even in small spaces.

Rollator in the test in the tightest of spaces - Wheellator stay mobile safely, manoeuvrability of the walking aid.

Dimensions WHEELLATOR - Independence & safety in everyday life.

With a comfortable width of around 68.5 cm, it offers adequate dimensions for transport and mobility.

Depending on the situation, the seat can be converted into a storage surface in rollator mode, while the stable basket can be used to transport various utensils. Due to its stable weight of 16 kg, the Wheellator is therefore not a lightweight rollator!

However, it gives you the necessary stability and safety that you need in everyday life!

3in1 rollator combination for getting around on rough surfaces.

Outdoors, our Wheellator multifunctional rollator can also be used on various surfaces. Its wheels with high-quality solid rubber tyres provide the optimal conditions for carrying out everyday tasks. In addition, special air-filled outdoor wheels are available as accessories.

These support you in effective movement on impassable surfaces such as lawns, wood and forest paths.

WHEELLATOR - Independence & Safety in Everyday Life Immobility Prevention due to Time Savings

Caregivers and assistants often face great challenges due to the lack of safety requirements. Not being able to push a person in an upright sitting position in standard rollators. Or otherwise assist with locomotion.

Independence & safety in everyday life, what are the consequences of immobility?

This often leads care staff to deny a large proportion of the people they care for the opportunity to go for a walk in advance. Consequently, to actively move independently in nature or in home premises. On the one hand, maintaining personal health-promoting mobility. On the other hand, the person being cared for is often placed in a wheelchair as a preventive measure. Which thus means that the accompanying independence is taken away from the caring user. Because this minimises any risks to the carer.

Immobility always involves a high risk.

The understandable risk here is that it takes a considerable amount of time to run back to fetch the required wheelchair if the person suffers a fainting spell. The situation is aggravated by the fact that the caregiver has to fetch the unused rollator in a further walk to the wheelchair. The high effort is avoided from the outset if possible due to the tense as well as overstraining situation of caregivers in everyday life. Affected persons are thus deprived of their independence and also lose core physical skills of walking in a slowly progressive process. At the same time, essential muscles regress. Furthermore, important bodily functions are restricted due to the lack of stimulation through movement.

Mobility Solution actively counters this ubiquitous problem.

The WHEELLATOR actively counteracts this ubiquitous problem. Assistants are now able to push the cared-for person in a controlled and secured manner. This is also the case when a cared-for person is no longer able to move around independently. The WHEELLATOR is thus easily adaptable to the physical strength of an individual and generates considerable time savings for caregivers.

Maintaining independence WHEELLATOR - Independence & safety in everyday life

The tasks of the WHEELLATOR are primarily to maintain the independence of our fellow human beings. Since the aspect of independence reflects an elementary part of the quality of life. Therefore, it is our claim to enable walking for people with any kind of restriction as far as possible. At the same time, we want to actively promote individual activity and health.

Help us to continue this idea and to give more people a dignified life. WHEELLATOR mobile with safety! Together into a safe future!

Avoid pain and injury with these 5 tips.
The correct adjustment of the rollator - wheellator is important.
  • Before you use your outdoor rollator for the first time, you have to adjust the height of the handles exactly to your own body size.
  • This is very important in order to maintain a healthy posture.


But how do you find the right height? It’s very simple! Therefore, you stand up straight and let your arms hang loosely, then the handles should be at the height of your wrists.

Pay attention to posture to ensure independence and safety in everyday life!

From the very beginning, you should pay attention to the correct posture in order to be able to use the wheellator for years without discomfort.
Therefore, keep your body straight and do not place the rollator too far away from you.
Better said, the back should remain as upright as possible, as the rollator only supports.


When walking, the pelvis should therefore be positioned between the handles and the large wheelchair wheels. In addition, the handles should be adjusted exactly to your own body size.