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Alternative to the rollator

Alternative to the rollator – The Wheellator is a walking aid with large wheels. The large rear wheels enable self-directed walking,

Introducing the Wheellator, a groundbreaking alternative to traditional rollators. Engineered with oversized wheels, this innovative walking aid empowers individuals with greater independence and control. The large rear wheels facilitate self-directed walking, offering a unique and versatile mobility solution. Experience the freedom to move confidently with the Wheellator, a game-changing alternative in the world of mobility aids.

Rollator meets wheelchair!

Alternative to the rollator: The Wheellator is a walking aid with large wheels. The large rear wheels enable self-determined walking, with a lot of comfort. In addition, with the Wheellator you remain mobile and independent.

Stay mobile in a self-determined way!

The innovation of walking aids improves quality of life for people with gait limitations. Such as COPD, MS, AlS and Parkinson’s disease. At the same time, seniors and stroke patients benefit from the alternative to the rollator.

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Try the Wheellator as an alternative to the rollator

You are dependent on rollator, but can not find a rollator that gives you confidence?
Then try the Wheellator without obligation! This is an alternative. A rollator with wheelchair function that gives you confidence even in difficult terrain and climate conditions.

5 best tips for more safety and mobility!

Height adjustable adaptable walker tailored to the needs.
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    Why Wheellator as an alternative to a rollator?
  2. pecial features: Wheellator vs. rollator
    When should you use a Wheellator?
    The principle of Wheellator & what features does a Wheellator offer as an
  3. lternative to a rollator?
    Where and how to get your Wheellator?
  4. clusion: Wheellator as an alternative to the rollator summarized.

Walking Wheellator what is it?

The WHEELLATOR – the alternative to the rollator. Your companion for safety and fall prevention. In other words, he goes with you at any time as far as you can and want. You can sit comfortably on the seat and rest. Until you catch your breath. If you still feel too weak after taking a breather, you can keep moving while seated and rocking. In addition, if you use the footrests and handrims, you can “drive yourself home” as if you were in a wheelchair. Ideal for your freedom! To move a few steps whenever you want. The storage basket allows your shopping to travel with you at any time.

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Not all rollators are the same.

Who does not experience this in old age: Mobility decreases. The constitution weakens. Accordingly, the risk of falls increases. Walking aids like rollators are supposed to protect us from accidents, falls and injuries. However, we all know the cityscape where rollators are misused.

2 in1 wheelchair-rollator combination brand new alternative to the rollator.

The Wheellator as an alternative to the rollator. Better said, a mobility solution with large wheels, seat, parking brake and footrests. For more self-determination and safety in everyday life! This special walking aid comes from the far north. From Finland to be precise. The walking aid is pushed as usual. Users take a seat on the comfortable seat with backrest in case of exhaustion. Or let themselves be pushed by an accompanying person. The walking aid in a sitting position, as with a wheelchair drive. The large handrims make it possible.

WHEELLATOR is recommended by many physiotherapists as a safe
alternative to a rollator.

The mobility walker is an independent therapy and sports equipment. As the mobility and independence is promoted for a long time. This walking aid is different from all conventional rollators and wheelchairs.

WHEELLATOR - alternative rollator for safe prevention of falls!.

First and foremost, the mobility solution was developed to prevent falls.
The Alternative Rollator offers you several options at once to support a more active life.

  1. it is like a normal rollator. The Wheellator provides support during walks. It also facilitates safe walking. With an optimal fall prophylaxis. The user, is thus simultaneously offered more stability and safety. Which leads to a better quality of life. Furthermore, the Wheellator facilitates the work of caring relatives. At the same time, nursing staff and caregivers in institutions are relieved.
    Senior citizens regain their independence. In other words, they can go to the toilet and cafeteria independently.
  2. sitting with their feet tripping, continue their journey.


In addition, there is the possibility of having an assistant drive you to a place. Where you walk independently.
Use your Wheellator like a wheelchair. Better said, with the manual drive of the handrims to drive yourself.

The Wheellator as an alternative to the rollator is used as follows.
The advantages at a glance:
  1. As a walker (much more stable than a traditional walker .).
    When someone is exhausted, sit down and rest.
  2. While sitting, walk with feet tripping. The large handrims help as a support.
  3. Have an attendant push.
  4. A combination of rollator with wheelchair function.
  5. This motivates and encourages users to be more mobile in movement.
Rollator - wheelchair - transport chair in one unit.

Wheellator from rollator manufacturer and supplier Tukimet Oy offers unique features and helpful solutions. Especially when a standard walker is no longer enough.

Alternative rollator - wheellator for small and large people with gait insecurities.

The alternative rollator – is used both as an indoor and outdoor walker.
A folding walker with seat, parking brake and footrests for a safe fall prevention and more movement safety.

Height adjustable adaptable walker tailored to the needs.

Use on grass, sand and dirt roads.
Wheellator as an alternative to a rollator for seniors. As well as MS, ALS, wheelchair/wheelchair combination.

Active movement through the Wheellator

Conclusion: Wheellator summarized as an alternative to the rollator.

The alternative to the rollator, is designed for active movement. Longer trips are therefore no longer a problem. Because one of the advantages of this multifunctional mobility walking aid is the flexibility of use.

Are you looking for an alternative to a rollator or wheelchair? Then the Wheellator is a great help in your everyday life.

What do we stand for as a rollator manufacturer at Tukimet OY?

As a rollator manufacturer at Tukimet OY, we stand for every person being able to move safely! More precisely, because movement is one of the most important basic elements for life.

With a focus on the needs of end users

we develop and produce high-quality products that make everyday life easier for people and their relatives. Our products not only create a better quality of life, but they also ensure that people can be more personally independent and take more personal responsibility for every step they take.

Movement – Independence – Safety – Quality of life
  • What does it mean for people to be able to move safely, independently and at the same time increase their quality of life?
  • A safe movement has served for survival for thousands of years! In contrast, a bad movement led to great dangers and even death.
  • In other words, a safe movement means life, to have self-determined control over oneself.
  • Likewise, life means interacting with other people in society.
  • Going to town with them while being an important part in the family and society.
  • Being able to independently manage independence and quality of life, challenges and inconveniences in movement.  This means to be able to live a happy vital life, until old age, enjoying quality of life with friends and family.
We are open to new ideas and reforms

invest in joint university projects. We see through the eyes and hear through the ears of the customer and are always interested in learning about the wishes and needs of impaired people. Our vision is to create new things and fulfill wishes that help people on their way to more mobility and independence.

We invest in the future.

With state-of-the-art machinery and our high quality standards, we guarantee safe and durable products that prove themselves in everyday use.

We have high quality standards.

and are proud of the fact that our walking aids carry the key label “MADE IN FINLAND”. The key label distinguishes us from competitors and shows our customers and consumers that Tukimet Oy not only focuses on quality, durability and sustainability, but also creates and maintains regional jobs.

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