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"Rollators manufacturer Tukimet Oy" Inventor of the WHEELLATOR- MADE IN FINLAND

Tukimet Oy – largest Finnish manufacturer of rollators.

This is what the press writes about the WHEELLATOR

Presse Zeitschriften

Finnish rollator manufacturer Tukimet OY produces and sells at competitive prices.

Ebenso sind wir auch stolz darauf, dass Qualitätsmerkmal “MADE IN FINLAND” zu verwenden.

In addition, the rollator production already exists since the beginning of the 80s. Thus, Tukimet is one of the oldest rollator manufacturers in the world. Since then, all rollators, to this day 100% manufactured in their own production in Rauma Finland.

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As a rollator manufacturer at Tukimet OY, we are committed to ensuring that everyone is able to move safely! More precisely, because movement is one of the most important basic elements for life.

Was bedeutet es für Menschen, sich sicher, unabhängig bewegen zu können und dabei gleichzeitig die Lebensqualität zu erhöhen?

  • What does it mean for people to be able to move safely, independently and at the same time increase their quality of life?

  • Safe movement has served for survival for thousands of years! In contrast, a bad movement led to great dangers and even death.

  • In other words, a safe movement means life, to have self-determined control over oneself.

    Likewise, life means interacting with other people in society.
    Going to town with them while being an important part in the family and society.

  • Being able to independently manage independence and quality of life, challenges and inconveniences in movement. This means to be able to live a happy vital life, until old age, enjoying quality of life with friends and family.

Rollators manufacturer Tukimet OY our mission

We develop and produce with focus high quality aids to meet the needs of consumers. Which are thus intended to facilitate the everyday life of people with inconveniences and their relatives.

Furthermore, our walking rollators not only create a better quality of life. They also ensure that people can be more independent personally. On the one hand, they take on more personal responsibility, on the other hand, they have more security with every step they take.

Vision we have as a rollator manufacturer at Tukimet OY.

We are open to new ideas and reforms and invest in joint university projects.

Moreover, we see through the eyes and hear through the ears of our customers. Better said, getting to know the wishes and needs of impaired people. That is why our vision is to create new innovative tools to fulfill their wishes.

Furthermore, we want to help people on their way to more mobility and independence.

Investments and quality standards at rollator manufacturer Tukimet OY

As a manufacturer of rollators, we invest in the future. For example with ultra-modern machinery.

Through our high quality standards we guarantee safe and durable products. Which prove themselves in the everyday life of private customers, as well as with business customers. Please also read our testimonials

Move forward safely together with us as a rollator manufacturer at Tukimet OY!

Wheellator stay mobile with safety!

We have a high quality standard and are proud of the fact that our rollators bear the key mark “MADE IN FINLAND”.
The key mark distinguishes us from competitors and other rollator manufacturers.

  • Therefore, it shows our customers and consumers that Tukimet Oy manufactures all its walkers in Finland.
  • In addition, we not only focus on quality, durability and sustainability, but also create and maintain regional jobs.
  • The rollator manufacturer Tukimet Oy, in addition to its own employees, also regularly employs highly qualified Finnish cooperation partners.
Alternative to the rollator - The Wheellator is a walking aid with large wheels. The large rear wheels enable self-directed walking,